"I have never seen such a good opportunity for my child to share their language and their NZ culture with a child from another country. I hope that my child has many more opportunities like this in the future"
Mum to Opeti
Auckland, New Zealand
This programme is really good for my son because I am a judge in South Korea and I studied English when I was at University. But I was not confident to speak. My son is learning English and listening to his native English speaking friend, and he is very confident to speak English and to talk about any topics. I am very happy that we enrolled him in this programme and one day, his friend can visit us in Gangnam.
Judge Jae-hyung
Gangnam, South Korea
I am an international marketing manager for one of Korea's biggest companies. I am very pleased with our choice to enrol our daughter in this program. She was very shy and was not confident with her English program at school. We looked around for choices of programs and so far, we have found this to be the best value for our money.
Yeouido, South Korea
My friend for life I have a friend from NZ and he is my friend for life. I spoke to him online in his classroom first and then we became friends for life
Seoul, South Korea
I was learning English in Australia, and nobody spoke to me. When I went home to South Korea, my mother joined me with Learn English Live and now I have my own English speaking friend to talk to and practice my conversation with! I am so happy.
Busan, South Korea
I really enjoy speaking to my friend online - he is the same age as me and I am so happy because I am really confident now to speak English.
Day-ong Suwon
South Korea
Great for my confidence and my English buddy's confidence. My English buddy was very shy when I first met her online but as we read through our English books online together, her confidence grew and grew. She is not shy to speak English when we are online.
Gisborne, New Zealand
A really cool way to make friends from overseas. Helping international students learn English is a lot of fun for my buddy and for myself. I have helped him gain confidence so that he is not shy to speak English when there are native English speakers around. My buddy told me that he talks to Westerners in his school a lot more now!
Opononi, New Zealand
Working with Learn English Live changed my entire life. I made so many friends when I was an English 'teacher' - and I was only 10 years old when I started helping my friends from overseas, learn English.
Auckland, New Zealand
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