Our Programmes


We design and facilitate bespoke digital educational programmes that focus on connecting New Zealand mainstream & Kura Kaupapa Māori school classrooms, with the world, via our video platform.

Our team facilitates the full end-to-end solution whereby we onboard schools, co-design the programme content with the teachers and work with New Zealand students to deliver the content to their international counterparts (which are of a similar age), while we manage/operationalise each session.

The main appeal to New Zealand schools of this approach are that:

The grunt work is taken away from the teachers to design content, manage and maintain the programme with foreign schools - we look after all that!

The content delivered links directly to the New Zealand curriculum,

It provides an opportunity to students that they may not have had previously, and

True, long lasting, cross-cultural relationships are made and maintained

The sessions are delivered each school term, once a week over six weeks. Our programme connects directly with the NZ curriculum through:

Using language symbols and texts.

Creative thinking through working and conversing with children from other cultures and backgrounds.

Relating to others

Participating and Contributing

Managing self

If you’re keen to hear more, contact us directly and we would love to have a chat!